Jamas Children's University

prepares your child for success!

Principal' s Message

Become involved in the progress of the school, community and Children. Working together we can make a difference.



The JAMAS Children's University motto, "We Must Be Second To None In Education" strongly expresses our views.  The faculty and staff are committed to provide our children with academic goals to achieve and JAMAS students are expected to achieve high educational standards. We believe every child should be afforded an opportunity to fill his or her potential. We prepare our students to succedd. We are not just educators, but concerned parents as well.  We believe it is important to know the History of African Americans and the history of all people. Our students are taught their history on a daily basic to help develop positive self-concepts and self esteem.

141 Hoffman Blvd., East Orange, New Jersey 07017 | (973)678-7033

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