Goals and Objectives

To allow the students to fulfill his/her potential.

To help the students appreciate his/her own worthiness.

To attain basic skills in language interpretation and

communication, mathematical computation and logical


To develop positive self concepts. In order to do this, our children Must be taught their history on a daily basis.

To develop a thirst for knowledge in each child.

To teach our children independent behavior.

To develop sound mental health.

To teach respect for one's self and respect for others.

To creatively explore his or her own environment.


To participate in a happy, active, exciting and cooperative school environment


To develop habits and attitudes necessary for responsible


Citizenship and social living within a Democracy


Phone Calls/Cell Phones

Students are not allowed to use the telephone unless it is an emergency.  All calls have to be cleared by the principal.  Please do not ask your child to call you during school hours.  For things that should be taken care of before the student Arrives in school.  This will ensure that the teachers will not Have to interrupt their classes.  All cell phones have to be Left in the office until the end of school.


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